PCC Logistics Trucking services bot local and long distance and container drayage
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Trucking Services

PCC Logistics' trucking services are an integral component of our overall transportation services. With customs-bonded container freight stations at every West Coast Port, PCC Logistics can receive shipments, prepare them for overseas shipments and dray them to port. By taking a comprehensive look at the nature, size and special concerns of your shipment, we can construct trucking and shipping services that optimize your budget and expedite transit times.

Trust PCC Logistics with all your local, long haul and drayage trucking needs. A licensed truck broker with a fleet of hundreds owner operated West Coast trucks, PCC Logistics has the resources and expertise to provide you with the most competitive and efficient trucking services.

No matter what trucking services you need, PCC Logistics' trucking division offers competitive rates and strategic logistic plans.

Our trucking services include:

  • Local delivery
  • Long haul trucking (Licensed in all 48 states)
  • Flat bed and specialized trailers
  • LTL and FCL
  • Hazmat Certified trucking
  • Overweight drayage

Our specialized equipment includes:

  • Drop deck containers
  • Double drop deck chassis (Able to carry cargo 44' max length x 150 inch max. height.)
  • Super chassis for over weight 20' loads (39,000 lb - 46,000 lb)
  • 48' & 53' dry vans
  • 48' Reefer trailers
  • 40' Tri-Axle Chassis for legal movement of containers in the overweight corridor